Help for Groups

In addition to individual therapy, many people can benefit from meeting with others in a group setting. Groups can act as an important network where members help each other with support, friendship and accountability. Group therapy sessions are led by one of our therapists who guide group members with strategies for managing issues and problems. The group therapy environment provides a safe and confidential space to work through common issues and to encourage each other who face similar difficulties. We take great care in connecting our clients to the right group.  Yet, we are always forming new groups to support the your personal growth.

Group Discussion


Groups are $50 a session. Most insurances accepted.


Wednesdays at 6pm

Do you find relationships exhausting to navigate? Do you feel like you are on a constant roller coaster of emotion? Does it seem like you have a breakdown when ever faced with a difficult life challenge? Are you just wanting to experience more peace in your life? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!" You will benefit from our DBT group. DBT has been around for a long time because it is a tried and true method with hands on and experiential skills to change your thoughts, regulate your emotions, improve your relationships and find a place of peace amongst the chaos of life. This group offers a compassionate, focused, yet fun interaction with others wanting to work on making changes for their lives as well. Come as you are, there is no judgment here!


Wednesday at 5pm

 13-18 yrs  will be invited to attend an 8 week group with a mixture of DBT, ACT, and CBT therapy to learn coping skills, mindfulness, values, and how to better deal with negative automatic thoughts. We will offer a safe and confidential place where teenagers can come and talk, process, and express freely while learning from others and their experiences.


Every Monday at 6:00pm

Authentic living isn't just an ideal, it's critical to your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. However, when being authentic has the potential to cause you to be in danger, be discriminated against or be rejected, it's a heavy task that must be proceeded with cautiously. Meet others in various stages of being their most authentic selves the safest way possible. You do not have to be "out" to attend this group. Confidentiality will be strictly enforced for all members. You may attend in-person (with masks and social distancing observed) or join via telehealth. This group will  be support-focused but will also allow for processing your experiences and past pain as well as providing education and resources on mental and emotional well-being. We look forward to seeing you there!