A cohesive treatment experience

Family Solutions Counseling recognizes the need to help provide a cohesive treatment plan. FSC is proud to be partnering with Be Well Connected and Cache Ketamine & Mental Health. 

The combination of *medication along with psychotherapy has time and again proven to be the best route for successful mental health treatment outcomes. Today's medications don't make permanent changes in the brain, but they allow for stabilization and prime the brain for taking on new information. This helps you to more quickly and thoroughly implement the skills you'll be taught in your counseling sessions, leading you to lasting results. 

Whichever route you select for your psychiatric and medication management needs, your therapist will collaborate throughout your treatment with your selected provider. This team approach allows you to get the most out of both your counseling and medication-use experience. 

*Our mental health counselors can not recommend specific medications to your medical providers, rather will coordinate with them regarding the best options for your overall care. Additionally, our mental health counselors will never force the use of medications but will support you in determining the best course of treatment for you.



Be Well Connected offers a solution for the high cost and long wait lists of accessing medication providers. Their services include telehealth medication management with a local provider as well as access to nurse advice lines and even lab in-home or in-office lab draws to monitor your experience on your medications. 


Call - (435) 688-3050

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Cache Ketamine and Mental Health offers our clients in-house medication management as well as the use of ketamine for the treatment of illness. Contact to know the best options for you. Many insurances are accepted.


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