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FSC Credentialing Solutions

Streamline your private practice journey, and Unlock Your Private Practice Potential with Hassle-Free Credentialing Solutions!

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Delegate the burden of the credentialing process to our team! We serve Utah mental health professionals by helping them confidently transition into private practice while ensuring profitability in the shortest possible time! Your success is our success!

Launching a private practice involves numerous tasks, and dealing with extensive paperwork is hardly a favorite task among therapists! However, joining insurance panels can be a fast track to filling your practice with paying clients. Keep in mind that each day with unfilled slots can result in lost income! That's where our services come in handy!

We cater specifically to solo mental health practitioners in Utah who are starting their private practice for the first time yet don’t want to waste their time on tedious tasks! Our focus is on helping those who find organization, paperwork, or initiating complex tasks challenging, as these processes can often be overwhelming. Let us handle the paperwork, so you can concentrate on providing exceptional mental health care to your clients! 

We keep you informed throughout the credentialing process, ensuring that your clients don't unexpectedly face the financial burden of unanticipated out-of-pocket medical expenses. You will be informed as soon as you are able to start submitting claims!

Our Services

Are you tired of navigating the complex and time-consuming process of credentialing? Let us help you! Our expert team can help you complete your applications and ensure that you meet all of the necessary requirements.

With our new hourly rate option, you can now have us chip away at it for just $40/hr with a minimum of 1 hr per week until complete, making it more affordable and accessible to all. With our assistance, you can focus on your clients and your practice while we take care of the administrative details. Contact us today to learn more!


Full Thriving Practice Pack:

 $2,499 (initially valued at $3,200)

  • Includes credentials for up to 8 insurance providers in your area (excluding Medicare/Medicaid)

  • $24.99 monthly fee per provider for ongoing maintenance (cancel anytime) begins the month after paneled


Individual Panels

(excluding Medicaid/Medicare)

 $400 per panel

  • Select individuals choice of panel

  • $24.99 monthly fee per provider for ongoing maintenance


Rapid Practice Pack: 

$990 (initially valued at $1,200)

  • FSC Credentialing Solutions recommends the top three panels with the shortest credentialing time

  • $24.99 monthly fee per provider for ongoing maintenance


Essential Credential Pack:


  • Choose up to three providers of your choice

  • $24.99 monthly fee per provider for ongoing maintenance


Individual Government-based insurance

(Medicaid OR Medicare)

 Call for quote


  • Personalized quotes available upon request


Group Contracts and

multi-clinician practices

 Call for a quote

  • Personalized quotes available upon request



  • All plans are subject to potential rate increases but signed contract prices are honored for the duration of the contract length

  • A 10% discount is applied to all packages (excluding individual panels) if an agreement is signed and package payment is paid in full on the day of an initial consultation

  • The monthly fee covers re-attestations, re-credentialing, and one fee increase letter request every 6 months

  • A card must be on file and will be charged monthly; unpaid fees will be sent to collections after 90 days

  • All fees, except monthly maintenance fees, are due prior to the initiation of services.

  • You may cancel our services at any time. Initial costs cannot be reimbursed as we get to work on your credentialing right away and submitted credentialing applications can be difficult to retract.

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