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As a practice that focuses on being inclusive and affirmative to the LGBTQIAP+ community, we have created this resource page with you in mind. While all of our therapists are accepting of LGBTQIAP+, those with particular experience and ability to be affirmative are listed here.

  • Autumn Abbott, MSWI

  • Beth Allred, CSW

  • Robin Hunt, LCSW

  • Rachel White, CSW

  • Evelyn Tovar, CSW-I

  • Skyler Taylor, CSW

We will continue to update this page with resources and links. If you have a link you would like us to include, please email us at and we will get it added. 

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Here For You

Watch an endless stream of inspiring stories shared by people just like you. Visit our Get Help page to find LGBTQ+ youth support services in your community. Or, sign our pledge to commit to a world where all LGBTQ+ young people are free to live equally and know their worthiness and power as individuals!


News, jobs, updates, etc.

"The Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce is open to corporations of all sizes, sole proprietors and independent agents regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. This is a great place to meet other professionals, make business contacts, promote your business and work for the enhancement of Utah’s LGBTQ+ community."


Building healthy futures for Youth

The Family Acceptance Project® is a research, intervention, education and policy initiative that works to prevent health and mental health risks for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) children and youth, including suicide, homelessness, drug use and HIV – in the context of their families, cultures and faith communities. We use a research-based, culturally grounded approach to help ethnically, racially and religiously diverse families learn to support their LGBTQ children.


Supporting the LGBT+ Youth

Learn the signs, and facts, and how we can help prevent suicide. Each one of us can play a vital role in ensuring that all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are provided with safe, accepting and supportive environments at home, at school and in their communities. As a parent or educator, you can be a lifeguard for your children or students by understanding the warning signs and risk factors of suicide and letting the youth in your life know that support is always available if they need it.


A Handbook for LGBTQ Young People

"Exploring your sexual orientation and/or gender identity can bring up a lot of feelings and questions. Inside this handbook, we will work together to explore your identity, what it might be like to share your identity with others, and provide you with tools and guiding questions to help you think about what coming out means to you."


Providing information and resources for LGBTQ+ people their parents, families, and allies.

The PFLAG Chapter Network--with over 400 chapters across the country--provides confidential peer support, education, and advocacy to LGBTQ+ people, their parents and families, and allies. PFLAG chapters are in communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. With 200,000+ members and supporters crossing multiple generations of families in major urban centers, small cities, and rural areas, PFLAG has been saving lives, strengthening families, and changing hearts, minds and laws since 1972.


Have Pride

Cache Pride Center is a program of the Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists Church and is committed to transforming and supporting Cache Valley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Pansexual, plus (LGBTQIAP+) Cache Valley communities through support groups, comprehensive programming, suicide prevention, mentoring, community advocacy, and community training devised to promote positive outlooks and changes within under-served populations.



Clinical Best Practices

Utah Pride Suicide prevention and services offers a PowerPoint on how to provide the best inclusive practices for the LGBTQ+  population.

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