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Start your Career with FSC,
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Join Family Solutions Counseling and be part of an innovative team that's making a real impact on communities with cutting-edge mental health solutions.

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Why join FSC?

Our Culture

At Family Solutions Counseling, our company culture is the secret ingredient to our success - fueling positive attitudes, lively energy, and a thriving environment that our team members love to be a part of.

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Our Values

Know FSC Better

We believe that knowing and living by our company values is crucial for the success and fulfillment of both our team members and our clients. That's why we place a strong emphasis on finding individuals who align with our values and are passionate about making a positive impact on the community through mental health solutions. When you join our team, we want you to feel like you're in the right place - where your values align with ours, and where you can make a real difference in the lives of others. Let's work together to create a perfect fit and make a positive impact on the world!



We're committed to the growth and development of our team members - both professionally and personally. By investing in our employees, we're able to provide high-quality services to vulnerable populations, while also expanding our company to offer a wide range of innovative solutions. Join our professional family and be a part of a company that values your growth, both as an individual and as a team player.


We're passionate about creativity - always seeking new and innovative ways to serve our clients, all within the guidelines of the latest research in mental health treatment. We believe that our dedication to creative problem-solving sets us apart from other counseling companies, allowing us to provide the highest level of care and support to those who need it most. Join our professional family and discover a workplace where your creativity is not only encouraged but celebrated as a crucial aspect of our success.


We embrace acceptance and inclusivity as core values, especially when it comes to serving vulnerable populations in our community. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health services, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our commitment to inclusivity means that we go above and beyond to create a safe and welcoming environment for all clients, providing the compassionate care and support they need to thrive. Join our team and be a part of a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion as the keys to success.


We place a strong emphasis on compassion - both for ourselves as employees and for our clients who come to us seeking genuine change in their lives. We understand that everyone has their own unique struggles and challenges, and we approach each individual with empathy and understanding. Our commitment to compassion means that we not only provide exceptional mental health services but also create a supportive environment where our team members can grow and thrive. Join our team and be a part of a company that values compassion as the foundation of our work.


We value accountability - not only for our employees but for our company as a whole. We recognize that we are constantly evolving and striving to improve, and we believe that accountability is a crucial aspect of this growth process. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions, acknowledging that we are always "in progress" and open to learning new ways to improve our services. By embracing accountability, we empower ourselves to be better, both individually and as a team. Join our professional family and be a part of a company that values growth and accountability as the keys to success.

Explore Open Roles

Positions Available

Ready for a career that's both fulfilling and innovative? Look no further than Family Solutions Counseling! Our dynamic outpatient counseling company is at the forefront of therapeutic modalities, making a real impact on communities through our inclusive and cutting-edge mental health solutions. And we're just getting started - with a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a difference, we're poised to take our company to the next level. Join us and be a part of something truly exciting, where your career growth and personal fulfillment are our top priorities.



We have several different payment structures available to employees. We are always accepting applications for Logan, West Jordan and Hybrid positions.


Now Accepting Applications for West Jordan location

Employee Testimonials

What's it like at FSC?

Our employees are the heart of FSC, and we take pride in the talented and dedicated team we have on board. We believe that our employees' experiences are critical to our success, which is why we value their honest testimonials. Hearing directly from our employees provides valuable insight into what it's like to work at FSC, and we're committed to sharing their perspectives.

What's Next?

Ready to get started with FSC?

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Family Solutions Counseling. To apply please start by filling out our application. We take the hiring process seriously and reference checks will be conducted, so please provide accurate and up-to-date references in your resume. 

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