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3 Tips on How to Date Your Teenager

We all know managing schedules of a teenager can be extremely difficult. From homework, activities, friends— let’s face it, if we don’t make time for it, it won’t happen. Is our time with our teen important enough to schedule and put it on the calendar? Now is your chance. Make an effort to schedule regular dates with your teenager.


Ensure that it is actually a one-on-one date. No other siblings. No other parents, or friends. Make them feel like a priority, and that you want to spend time with them and only them. Those few hours are about your relationship and growing together!


When presenting this idea to your teen agree on some ground rules. You have fun, enjoy your time together, no judgments… and no phones. Discuss the reason to leave BOTH of your phones at home. Everyone deserves some undivided attention. Often times phones can be a distraction to the teen and the parent. “Cell phones make those far away feel close, and the ones close feel far away.”


Do things that would get you and your teen out of your “normal activities”. Do anything—catch a matinee, go fishing, take them to go see a concert, go for a hike, take them on a practice driving session, or have them teach you a skill. It could be anything, just do something! Taking turns planning the date would be a great way to see a little into your teenagers world and what they enjoy doing!

Spending more time with your teen is surefire way to ensure to keep your relationship strong and have fun doing so!

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