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The 4 Overlooked Symptoms That Might Mean Your Man Has Anxiety

Have you ever thought, “I don’t know if I am ready to get help for my trauma”?

Do you find yourself wanting to get help for your trauma but feel that it is just too scary or too hard?

In order to be able to work on trauma you must be properly prepared for it. Come get prepared for your trauma counseling with EMDR. If you feel scared to start working on trauma that is normal and natural. In fact it is a good indicator that you need to develop some skills before you will be able to process your trauma.

I always begin EMDR therapy with a preparation phase. This beginning phase is to completely and entirely prepare you and give you the skills necessary to process your trauma. In this phase we talk about healthy coping, typical reactions to trauma, how to manage your life with trauma, specific techniques for panic attacks, how to deal with anxiety, flash backs, etc. After learning these skills you will be coached on how to develop them. We will not start processing trauma until you feel you have successfully developed the necessary skills and feel ready.

EMDR is a lot like scuba diving. I would never hand someone scuba gear and ask them to dive hundreds of meters on their first dive. First you must obtain the gear and second you must learn how to properly use it. Once you have the knowledge and practice you would then be ready to take those deep dives. With EMDR we start by giving you coping tools for trauma, PTSD, and the anxiety that comes with it. Once you have those tools we teach you how to use them properly. And then we start diving into the depths of your trauma.

If you feel apprehensive about getting counseling for your trauma please come in and talk with me about your concerns and worries. With EMDR I will never force you to go somewhere you are not ready to go, instead I will spend time getting you ready to go there. When you feel you are ready we’ll dive in.

Article by Tycen Sigler, CSW; therapist for Family Solutions Counseling

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