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What is Suicidology and Why is it Important?

Updated: Mar 28

Stacie Later, CSW

Suicidology is the study of suicide, this encompasses life threatening behavior, the prevention and postvention of suicide loss. Imagine suicidology as an umbrella, and underneath the umbrella are dozens of hands holding the umbrella up each hand is a dimension of why research in Suicidology is directed and each hand leads to something bigger. The study of Suicidology furthers our knowledge to aid individuals, families and communities to prevent and heal from the tragedy that is suicide.

The World Health Organization reports that more than 700,000 people die due to suicide every year. For every suicide there are countless attempts. The field of Suicidology helps us to identify patterns, understand risk factors and warning signs, bust myths and break the stigma of suicide. The study of suicide is important to how we engage and understand suicidality, by investing in suicide research we can better help individuals, communities and ourselves.

The more we learn about suicidality the better we can help those struggling with these types of thoughts. If you need help managing your thoughts set up a FREE 30 minute consultation with any therapist on our staff or schedule an intake appointment to get treatment started.

You matter and we're here to help you remember that.

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